Utah Medical Marijuana

Renewal Guide

So your medical card is about to expire and you need to renew it.

Perhaps you’ve received an email from the state, or, if you’re a Utah Canna patient, you’ve been notified by our support team.

Either way, you need to get your medical marijuana card renewed to remain legal to use cannabis in Utah.

This Utah medical card renewal guide will show you everything you need to know to complete the renewal process.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Be On Time

When it comes to renewing your medical cannabis card in Utah, there are 2 important things you need to keep in mind in regards to timing:

  • You cannot start the renewal process until you are within 30 days of your card expiring. The state will notify you when you are within this window.
  • Once your renewal process has been completed, your new card won’t be issued until you current one has expired.

**If you are a Utah Canna patient, you will also receive notifications from us via email and SMS.

How to Check Your Medical Card's Expiration Date

  1. Log into EVS
  2. Click on ‘Tracking Inbox’
Your expiration date will be to the right of your name.

Pro Tip

Create a calendar event to remind yourself when to start the renewal process. Emails often get lost or forgotten about. A calendar event will make it easier to remember.

Step 2: Resubmit Your Application

Because you have already registered and applied in EVS for your medical card, the renewal process is a much simpler one. Simply follow the instructions below to get started.

  1. Log into EVS
  2. Enter your UtahID credentials and click ‘Sign In

Remember: UtahID and EVS are synced to work together, meaning that logging into your UtahID account automatically logs you into your EVS account.

Renewal Guide: UtahID Login page
  1. Click ‘Tracking Inbox’
Tracking inbox in EVS
  1. Click your name
EVS profile info

You are now on the application page. If any of your information has changed since your initial recommendation, you may update it here. Otherwise…

  1. Scroll to the bottom, and click ‘Save & Submit for Certification
Button missing? Make sure you’re on the ‘Patient‘ tab and that you’re not already in ‘Awaiting Certification’ status (green dot at top of the page). 
Save and submit for certification button

The page should refresh and there should now be a large, green dot above the word ‘Awaiting Certification‘ (see below).

You are ready to be seen by a QMP to renew your medical cannabis card.

Awaiting Certification in EVS

Step 3: Visit Your QMP

At this point, you will need to schedule a renewal visit with your QMP, if you have yet to do so.

Your QMP will re-evaluate you to see how the medical cannabis is working for you and if you need any adjustments to dosage or form.

Note: Be honest about how things are going with your experience as a medical marijuana patient. This will only help you get the best treatment from your medical professional.

Step 4: Pay the EVS Fee

EVS will notify you once your renewal has been been certified by your QMP. When that happens, you will need to pay for your renewal to get it.

Remember: You will not be able to pay the fee until your QMP has re-certified your renewal.

  1. From the EVS homepage, click ‘Tracking Inbox’
Tracking inbox in EVS
  1. Click your name
EVS profile info
  1. Hover your mouse over the payment tab and click ‘New Payment
New payment submenu appears below 'New Payment' tab
  1. Click ‘Here to Pay’
Click here to pay button in EVS
  1. Fill in all the fields
EVS credit card payment form
  1. Scroll down. Click ‘Continue
Screenshot of EVS payment process
  1. Ensure the information you’ve inputted is correct. Click ‘Yes
EVS credit card payment verification
  1. On the receipt page, click ‘Continue‘ to be taken pack to the Payment Page in EVS

You will notice now that your status is in ‘Awaiting State Review.’

Step 5: Access Your Card

Once your application has been approved for your renewal, you will receive a copy of your medical via email from the state. We have also included some directions below on how to access & print your card within EVS.

  1. Log into EVS and click ‘Tracking Inbox’
Tracking inbox in EVS
  1. Click your name
EVS profile info
  1. Click the blue ‘Print Card‘ button
Print card button in EVS
  1. Follow your computer’s prompts to print your card.

Pro Tip

A digital copy of your card is acceptable to show at any medical marijuana pharmacy. Many are also willing to print it out for you.

You're Done!

While this is a process, keep in mind that the steps entailed here will take place over several days and won’t be done all at once.

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